Veronica Montano was born in Puerto Rico on January 7, 1994. At the short age of 15, this young talented was already gaining experience in modeling contests and local events. Her hard work and dedication caught the attention of several modeling agencies. Shortly after she moved to New York City where she was signed by the notable modeling agency Major Model Management and the rest is history. Now at 21 years and recognized as a professional model in the industry , she has appeared in editorials, campaigns , runway shows, commercials, and music videos such as Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts”. Last year Veronica won the prestigious modeling contest Top Model Latina 2014/15. With this achievement, she has the honor of representing Latin women in the world of fashion and become a role model for young Latinas. Veronica was also a gymnast and a professional dancer. A student of Nutrition and Food Science at Hunter College. More

In a conversation with Runway Solutions Veronica gave us some insight on how she handles a successful career as a model.

At what age did you 1st start runway shows?
15 years old.
What is your most memorable moment as a Runway model?
It has to be when Andre Leon Talley stared at my face while I walk the runway on 2012 for Laura Smalls show. The fact that an icon in the fashion industry was there watching me was epic.
Have you ever fallen off the catwalk during a show ?
No, but I have had slippery moments as well as long dresses getting on my way.
What does your diet consist of?
As a nutrition and food science student I don’t believe in a certain diet, but I do believe in a healthy lifestyle. I eat 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner. And have 2 snacks throughout the day.I never skip breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the morning I drink pure lemon juice. I eat pretty much everything, but in moderation. I’m a latina, so you can imagine my diet; rice and meat for example. I workout about 3 to 4 times a week. And try to sleep at least 8hrs.
What advice would you give an aspiring model looking to do runway?
I would say that is all about the body for the runway, the walk, the confidence, the attitude, the elegance, and your own flavor to the runway. Is all about practicing your catwalk. And having the measurements for it.
The video below is of Veronica Montano during Style Fashion Week SS16



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